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​Build your organisation's capacity to support
Autistic people -

Inspire and motivate your group or team - engage Samantha to speak

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Autism changes the way that one sees, experiences and understands the world. 

About 1 in 25 Australians is Autistic and 85% of Australians have a personal connection with an Autistic person.

Making some small adjustments to be more welcoming to Autistic people is a simple and easy way to become more inclusive and open to new audiences, colleagues and customers.

A two minute sample of the speech

A Different Brilliant: Adapting for the Wellbeing of Autistic Adults

What you can expect from Samantha's talks:

↬ Feel enriched by learning simple and practical adjustments you can make to be more inclusive and welcoming to Autistic people 

↬ Gain insights into how to minimize conflict and misunderstanding whenever you interact with Autistic adults

↬ Share a vision of a society that is compassionate and inclusive of Autism

↬ Be inspired to tap into the true potential of your personal growth

Through guiding non-autistic people to use empathy, active listening, and other communication skills, Samantha's goal is to diminish the feelings of isolation experienced by autistic individuals and ensure that their unique talents are recognized and valued.

With a background as a lawyer in South Africa and later founding a mediation and communication training business, Samantha brings a wealth of experience to her mission of raising awareness about stigmas and challenging prejudices.

Drawing inspiration from her personal journey as a mother to an autistic daughter and her role as a disability support worker, Samantha shares her experiences, along with practical guidelines.

Auditorium Audience

My Topics:

  • A Different Brilliant: Adjusting for the Wellbeing of Autistic Adults

  • Supportive Spaces: Tips for Autism friendly Calming Communication

  • Dealing with conflict when Autism plays a role

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